Orange & Fennel Bliss™ - Organic Herbal Tea

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This organic herbal tea is a blend of palette cleansing fennel, and reflective tones of cinnamon, orange peel and ginger.  Designed by Dr. Deepa Apté to help to balance the Vata Dosha (or can be consumed by anyone) to soothe the mind & body any moment of your day. Just steep in a cup of hot water to enjoy a sense of rest and relaxation! 100% Certified Organic herbs from all over the world.

Enjoy a cup of this delicious herbal tea for a perfect moment to break away from your busy day.

Box Contents:

Each Box contains 20 sachets of tea bag with string. Eco-friendly box, no staples or plastic.

Ayurveda Pura's Purity Pledge:

Organic farming is used to proved these hand selected certified ingredients for Ayurveda Pura's Organic Herbal Teas. Special care and attention make their authentic products different from other brands on the market. 

How to Use:

Ayurveda Pura’s herbal blends come in their own individual eco-friendly tea bag and recyclable envelopes. Just boil water and steep a tea bag for 6 minutes. 

Why we suggest this product:

inija Momentus promotes wellness products that we believe are ethical and beneficial to longevity. We use and promote this product having experienced many positive benefits.