Ayurvedic Cosmetic Treatments

Mukhalepa (Herbal Face Pack)

This is a simple and effective skin care treatment in Ayurveda, which includes a face massage using ayurvedic beauty gels or oils and then application of herbal face pack. The herbal face pack mainly consists of different rejuvenating herbs that help in nourishment of the skin and also aid in skin cleansing and make it soft and clear. Mukhalepas also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and thereby prevents the ageing of the skin, avoids wrinkles on the face, and gives a good skin tone.

45 minutes: £60.00


Sarvangalepa (Herbal Body Pack)

Herbal Pack Image

This classical treatment is the full body version of mukhalepa. It includes a full body oil massage along the energy channels – this loosens and liquefies unwanted toxins in the tissues. Afterwards, ayurvedic mask is applied all over the body containing paste of skin-nourishing herbal supplements. The mask detoxifies and nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Finally the lepam is washed off and then skin nourished with milk/ plant-gel moisturizer. This therapy softens the skin and reduces blemishes and provides good complexion to the skin.

75 minutes: £115.00 


Lavanya (Ayurvedic Glow Facial)

Face Glow Image

This treatment is not only profoundly relaxing but deeply restorative, instilling a sense of peace and joy that pervades the entire body. This effect occurs because the gentle pressure of the therapist’s fingers stimulates the marma points located on the face, which in turn activates deep centers of the brain to totally soothe the body.  This unique procedure cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, opens blocked pores, eliminates toxins, improves skin texture and complexion.

60 minutes : £75.00


Nakshatra (Full body ayurvedic beauty treatment)

Scrub Image

This is a specially designed ayurvedic body care treatment incorporating body polishing and scrubbing using our special blend of botanical formulations. The restorative nutrients in potent ayurvedic herbal formulations and pure essential oils come together in a natural line of healing, nourishing skin care that will keep your skin looking clear, radiant and youthful. It is a wonderful therapy which tone and nourish your whole body from head to toe and is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates the whole body providing younger looking and tender skin.

90 minutes : £95.00


Keshini (Ayurvedic Hair Rejuvenation Therapy) 

Hair Treatment image

This is an ayurvedic haircare procedure for thick deep-rooted hair and healthy scalp. It is great for hair loss and dandruff. It first involves moisturizing and massaging the scalp using herbal oils or plant extracts to increase circulation and nourish the hair roots. This is followed by application of herbal hair pack.

60 minutes : £70.00