Ayurvedic Dhara Therapies

Shirodhara (Oil Flow on the Forehead)

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It is an Ayurvedic treatment that helps to induce a profound state of relaxation through the application of warmed oil in a rhythmic flow over the forehead and specifically to certain points (marma points) on the forehead. It calms the central nervous system and is particularly effective for stress relief, anxiety, sleep disorders and improves memory and concentration.

60 minutes : £80.00

Shirodhara + Abhyanga(90 minutes) 7 sessions-£560

Shirodhara + Abhyanga(90 minutes) 10 sessions-£765


Pizhichil/ Sarvangadhara (Full Body Oil Flow)

woman imageIt is a relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating treatment with medicated warm oil used in a continuous stream for a definite period for the whole body. It is effective for treating arthritis, ageing, general weakness, paralysis etc.  60 minutes : £85. 00 | 75 minutes : £110.00




A localized version of this treatment can also be done only on the affected part of the body (Partial Dhara).  45 minutes : £60.00

*This treatment can also be done with medicated buttermilk (Takradhara), medicated milk (Ksheeradhara) and a specially fermented medicinal preparation (Dhanyamladhara), but is only indicated in certain conditions and duration and costs varies based on the conditions treated.

Shirodhara Woman Image