Ayurvedic Consultations

Full Ayurvedic Consultation £40 for 30 Minutes
The focus of the consultation is to assess your Prakriti (basic constitution) and your Vikriti (current state of health or imbalance). Once your dosha type has been determined and the causes of your imbalance has been established a plan of Ayurvedic treatment, herbal remedies and lifestyle modifications can be prescribed.

The consultation involves taking a detailed history, completing a dosha analysis and making visual observations of your body - paying close attention to build, skin, hair, temperature, blood pressure, pulse tongue diagnostics.

From these assessments a personalised plan will be provided with treatment, herbal recommendations and a lifestyle plan.

Basic Health Check - FREE

As a part of our commitment to provide low-cost Ayurvedic health solutions we offer a basic consultation with most treatments to provide a view of your current state and constitution. This can be done through a simple questionnaire and observations from any of our Ayurvedic staff, therapists and practitioners. Please note that this basic health check does not involve any lifestyle or dietary advice.

Follow Up Consultation - £20 - 15 Minutes
We encourage that appointments be made in advance and arriving 10 to 15 minutes before treatment start to ensure adequate time for consultation, treatment and relaxation. You will find our highly trained and experienced staff providing world class treatments bespoke to meet your health & well-being needs.

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