Vasthi Therapies

External Vasthi Treatments (Herbal Oil Pool on the affected region)

Vasthi Eye Treatment

Retention of warm medicated oil within a sealed walled frame made of dough on the affected area for a specific time. The duration of the treatment varies depending upon the condition of the individual or as directed by the physician. This treatment can be done for the following body parts as elaborated below.




Greava Vasthi (Herbal Neck Pain Therapy)

The procedure is done in the cervical region or back of the neck. Reduces inflammation, pain, stiffness and rejuvenate nerves in cervical region. Mainly done for the conditions like Spondylitis, Spondylosis, whiplash, torticollis (wry neck), fibromyalgia and Intra vertebral disc prolapse of cervical region.

60 minutes : £80.00


Kati Abhyanga (Back Massage) / Pada Abhyanga (Leg Massage)

Vasthi Treatment Image

A great way to soothe and revitalise the back and shoulders or leg and feet, it heals and relieves chronic and acute pains, stiffness, arthritis, lumbar spondylosis, spinal disorders, sciatica, and trapped nerve. For ideal results, a course of 6 to 10 sessions is recommended and can be combined with ‘Kati Vashti’ in chronic pain.

60 minutes: £80.00


Janu Vasthi (Herbal Knee Pain Therapy)

Vasthi Knee Treatment Image

This is an ayurvedic procedure done on both knees. Reduces pain and delay degeneration of knee, reduce inflammation, help in production of synovial fluid and strengthen the structures around knee. It is also beneficial in osteoarthritis, knee pain, meniscal tear and ligament injury.

60 minutes : £80.00


Uro Vasthi (Herbal Oil pool Therapy on the heart region)

Procedure done on heart region, strengthen heart muscles, reduces palpitations, dry painful cough, mainly for conditions like external injury, muscular chest pain and costochondritis. It effectively combats respiratory and circulatory diseases.

 60 minutes : £80.00


*Vasthi with Abhyanga with Kizhi 90 minutes:  £120 ( any Vasti session)